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Amethyst Bracelet

Amethyst Bracelet

Amethyst stretch bracelet .

6mm beads.

Amethyst is beneficial to the mind, clearing negativity and confusion, balancing out highs and lows, and promoting emotional centering. It helps with decision-making, negotiation skills, wealth, business success, moving forward in life, dealing with responsibility and change, and public speaking.

Amethyst helps to enhance spiritual awareness. It vibrates at a high frequency, which creates spiritual protection that blocks out the lower negative frequencies and energies. It helps to awaken higher consciousness, assisting in clear-headed decision-making that is free of emotional confusion. It helps with meditation and intuition. It provides a boost to psychic abilities, intuition, and mental understanding. It stimulates the Third Eye (Brow) Chakra and Crown Chakra. It promotes love of the divine.

It helps to dispel anger, violent tendencies, and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). Amethyst calms oversensitivity, tension, and grief.

Amethyst is thought to have strong energy and cleansing powers that help to heal the cause of disease. This crystal is said to be beneficial for hormone regulation, headaches, migraines, hearing, asthma, blood clots, bacterial and viral infections, immune health, the heart, skin, stomach, liver, teeth, circulatory and sympathetic nervous system, and arthritis. circulatory, and sympathetic nervous systems.

Amethyst reduces bruising, swelling, injuries and treats hearing disorders. It heals diseases of the lungs and the respiratory tract, along with skin conditions and cellular disorders. Amethyst also helps with addictions, especially alcoholism, as it aids in both detoxing and blood cleansing. It relieves physical, emotional, and psychological pain or stress. It is beneficial for the intestines helping to regulate flora, remove parasites and encourage the reabsorption of water. Amethyst helps with insomnia and encourages restful sleep.

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