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Cherry Flower Agate stretch bracelet

Cherry Flower Agate stretch bracelet

Cherry flower agate stretch bracelet

8mm beads

Cherry Blossom Agate works mainly on the mental/emotional and spiritual aspects of our lives.


Cherry Blossom Agate helps us to get back in touch with that joy for life, that zest for life, that we all had once, but which the pressure and stresses of modern living may have squashed. It helps us to feel free of fear and self-doubt. It helps us to be happy and teaches us to live the life we lead with joy and confidence. Cherry Blossom Agate is also a calming, comforting stone for anyone who has been through a recent trauma. It is a nurturing, maternal and comforting stone with very strong attributes of feminine power. Cherry Blossom Agate reminds us that things will be OK again. It helps us to focus on our dreams and desires and to go for them too. It helps us to grow to our fullest potential, to nurture our dreams and to live the best life we can with grace and confidence.


Cherry Blossom Agate is extremely useful for those carrying out energy clearing or energy realignment work as it helps to transmute negative energies into positive energies. It is also said to work with energy issues surrounding love, self-love, manifestation and abundance.

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