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Lapis Chips

Lapis Chips

100g lapis chips

Lapis Lazuli aids in taking charge of your life. It brings honesty, compassion, and uprightness to the personality. It is a bonding stone in love and friendship, it dissolves cruelty, suffering, and emotional bondage. It is beneficial for objectivity, stress, clarity, self-awareness, self-expression, and anxiety.

Lapis Lazuli is excellent for gaining spiritual insight and wisdom, activating personal power and inner truth. It also blocks any attacks and promotes protection and safety. It enhances dream work and metaphysical abilities, facilitating spiritual journeying and stimulates personal and spiritual power.

It helps ease depression and anxiety because it harmonizes all aspects of self. It releases stress and brings deep peace as well as great sleep.

Lapis Lazuli is thought to boost the immune system helping to prevent illness, and beneficial for the ears and hearing. It’s also believed to help repair muscles and the skeletal system. It is also thought to help ease migraines, and great for the throat area and thymus gland.

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