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picture Jasper disc

picture Jasper disc

Beautiful natural unique piece of art.

Picture jasper disc

Measures 10 cm diameter.

Picture Jasper deepens your connection to the Earth. It is a stone that allows you to see the bigger picture. It is good for creative visualization. It is full of landscape patterns that are believed to carry messages from ancient civilizations. It is good for setting up your own business.

Picture Jasper contains a message from the past within its pictures for anyone who can read it. It releases fear and deep hidden grief. It brings to the surface hidden feelings of envy, guilt, hatred and love, and thoughts that are often pushed aside, whether they are from the present or past lives. It instills a sense of harmony and proportion. It is a nurturing and protective stone that brings comfort by alleviating fear, anxiety, and stress.

Picture Jasper is thought to be good for the immune system, kidneys, and skin.

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